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Another Birthday in Heaven

Mazie with Latson & Myles, the day after she was born 5/1/2019

On April 30th, we celebrated Mazie’s Leah’s 3rd birthday. It’s been several hectic and bittersweet months leading up to now (which I will sum up in the next blog) yet the ache for all of us missing our sweet girl doesn’t lessen. We certainly will never not make it a special day for her.

This year, we continue to wonder what Mazie would want her party to be like. Would we have it at home with whatever theme she may be in to and a fun jump? Or would we have it somewhere like the Children’s Museum or Little Gym? Nothing is harder than planning a day without knowing, without Mazie HERE. Singing Happy Birthday with the 3rd birthday candle lit on the cake but not being able to see her on the other side brings on the tears. It hurts.

On her day we began it like we always do with our tradition of making Funfetti pancakes and saving one for Mazie. Then we intentionally spent the afternoon honoring her with some of the boys’ best friends, their families and ours, which really warms our hearts. Latson and Myles crave and need the support just as much. We are truly grateful for those that were physically with us and who reached out to let us know they remembered her birthday too with thoughtful messages, cards and gifts. It absolutely means the world to us!

We welcomed Mazie's little sister, Gabrielle Faith, on April 12th.

One of our brother and sister-in-laws own a local crawfish restaurant and for the second year in a row donated a portion of their proceeds in Mazie’s honor. Last year the contributions went towards Maddie’s Footprints and this year they are going to Mazie’s Mission.

Mazie's Misson is doing great things thanks to the support of the community!

Our sweet friend, Reecie, who is the founder of the RescYOU Group, had another beautiful tribute for Mazie. Check out the Facebook page and the sweetest video with pictures we will forever treasure! The RescYOU Group has been such a blessing to us and other parents in our community that have lost children. I’ll explain our divine connection and about her precious son, Clint, on the next blog too. Below is an excerpt they shared from Clara Hinton’s book “Child Loss: The Heartbreak and the Hope”.

“When a child dies, part of a parent dies. That is a fact. From that point forward, parents live in a state of "partial life" due to having what is now called "broken heart syndrome."

We are just beginning to learn all of the facts concerning grief, the effects of grief, and the reality of how grief changes the very physical and emotional make-up of parents. Those who say to parents of child loss that they should have closure and move on simply do not understand the facts of what happens to a parent physically and emotionally when a child dies. There are very real changes that take place. The pain of loss is real. Yes, parents will eventually learn how to " live within the pain of loss" , but there will always and forever be a part of a parent that is missing. Parents of child loss are courageous beyond words! They are living with part of their heart and soul missing, and there is nothing ~ absolutely nothing ~ to compare to this kind of pain. Bless every parent of child loss this day with the continued courage and strength needed to go on.”

Gosh these words are what we and other bereaved parents know to be painfully true. My heart and soul will never be the same. It is broken yet full at the same time. It is longing, hoping, missing, lost. It's tough to wrap our heads and hearts around the fact that it's officially been longer that Mazie has been in Heaven than she was here on Earth.

This past year has been one of learning how to "live with the pain of loss". Living is some days a fight in itself. To God be the glory for those days of giving us the strength and courage to keep going. Mazie deserves it. The boys and Gabby deserve it. We will always give everything we have for them.

Happy Birthday sweet Mazie girl! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!

Mazie Leah's 1st birthday shoot

May 2020

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