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Mazie's 2nd Birthday (pt . 1)

On Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 1:17 pm our family became complete with the birth of our beautiful Mazie Leah. She surprised us by weighing only 5 pounds but there was nothing “small” about her. She came into this world ready to be heard!

Mazie was our tiny miracle, a precious gift from God. For the first 3 months, she had colic and if we weren’t nursing, we looked for anything that may soothe her. It never failed to be around the time Adam and the boys would come home that the witching hour would begin. We bounced. We rocked. We turned on blow dryers, vacuums and heaters.

It was during the hot, Louisiana summer months when we discovered she calmed down outside and we put in some serious miles in our jogging stroller. She LOVED music and almost instantly would fall asleep while I strolled in our neighborhood. As long as she slept, I kept walking. And even as a toddler, she loved to be outdoors.

Mazie at 4 months - Sept. 8, 2019

After those first few months of colic, Mazie was a happy baby and rarely fussed. Always. smiling. Always singing. Always laughing at her brothers.

A week before our lives were turned upside down, we were gifted a pink car that we could push her in. This was the very last picture I have of Mazie, just 3 days before she went to be with Jesus.

As we approach her 2nd birthday, our family is grieving hard over Mazie girl not being with us and all that should be. Any angel parents can relate to how gut wrenching it is to make any sort of plans to celebrate their baby without them a part of their day. We will share soon how we’ll make her birthday an intimate celebration.

There’s not a day that goes by we don’t think about Mazie or miss her. The boys got so attached to her and so we really want to be intentional by honoring her every day. We encourage others to say her name and remember her with us. It actually hurts worse if she or our grief isn’t acknowledged.

This Friday we hope you’ll join us by wearing something yellow like our custom shirt if you have one, walk a mile for Mazie and do something kind in her honor. Whatever you decide to do, we would be overjoyed to have you share it with us!

You can request a shirt if you would like to order one and we have a brand new scripture card to share the encouragement of God’s grace with anyone you meet or know! Use the contact form on the home page to inquire about either one and please help us pay a special tribute for Mazie Leah as we celebrate her 2nd birthday.

Family shoot for Mazie's 1st Birthday - April 2020

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