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Mazie's 2nd Birthday (pt. 2)

Updated: May 18, 2021

Mazie’s second birthday was April 30th and the weekend was filled with many emotions. We started honoring our girl the day before when me and my mom got tattoos! It was a perfect opportunity to share about our Mazie with the artist. It was my goal to inspire him with her story and I brought along an 8x10 picture of her, read a devotion while he inked us up and then gave him a Mazie’s Ministry card. Pretty sure that tough, blue bearded man showed his soft side for the first time ever that day.

Mazie’s birthday fell on a Friday and we decided to let the boys stay home from school so we could celebrate with them. Together with my parents we all began the day just as we did when she turned one. We made Funfetti pancakes and sang Happy Birthday. Then we went to her resting place at St. John’s where we brought balloons and took turns leaving messages for Mazie with chalk on the sidewalk.

While we were downtown, we stopped to get the boys popcorn and went shopping for Mazie’s party the next day. Later on, we all went to Latson’s baseball game that he wanted to dedicate to his baby sister. He pitched and had an incredible game! His team, the Nationals, won that night and it was even more memorable to have friends there to watch it with us.

The next day we had more family and friends over for a crawfish boil. It comforted us to be surrounded by those who love and miss Mazie just as much as we do. Myles picked out a unicorn piñata and the kids had a blast taking turns to break it open. I know Mazie was laughing watching them!

Mazie’s favorite show was T.O.T.S on Disney Jr. She LOVED to watch the animals and hear all the music. Anytime she may get fussy, we could put on an episode and she would immediately be content and often smile or laugh watching it! I just had to have some T.O.T.S décor and toys I know she would have loved. The week before I visited a baker’s supply store and asked the manager (Amy) working about a penguin (one of the main characters) cookie cutter for a sweet neighbor who was originally going to make them. I also inquired about a butterfly cake pan, which led to telling her about Mazie. Amy was immediately touched and offered to make us custom cookies as a gift for our girl. Talk about one of many beautiful blessings from God!

The cookies turned out to be perfect and so were the two butterfly cakes my mom helped me to bake. That Saturday afternoon, everyone gathered inside as we lit a #2 candle and sang Happy Birthday to Mazie again. I don’t know if there was a dry eye in the room. We all then wrote personal wishes on yellow and pink balloons and released those then butterflies.

Another precious addition was a sweet soul agreeing to add the outdoor sign/letters for our front yard. Thank you Erin for making that happen and for loving on our girl with us!

The most amazing surprise was one of my best friends coming in to spend the day and night with us! Angela and her little boy, Rafe, made the weekend so very special! So did everyone who remembered her, thought of us, prayed for us, sent flowers and other thoughtful gifts.

I truly feel like we celebrated Mazie’s second birthday in every intentional way we could, although the moments were bittersweet when our girl isn’t physically here for us to celebrate. Now at the age of 2 we wonder what would she look like, how long and curly would her hair be, how fast would be she, how much would she be talking and what all she would be enjoying now.

Mazie at Superior Grill in Shreveport - Sept. 20, 2020

Since her birthday, I have been triggered a lot. Every time I see a little girl around her age, I can’t help but cry and think of Mazie. The next week, me and Myles were at the grocery store and I fought back tears seeing a mom pushing her toddler girl around in a cart. For years we prayed for a baby girl and my dreams were that Mazie would be my best friend to shop with, get our nails done together, practice dancing, softball and one day see get married. Adam, me, Latson, Myles, our family and others close to Mazie will be grieving those milestones forever.

For now, I’ll pray like I do daily. Heavenly Father, thank you for choosing us to be Mazie’s parents. We treasure the gift of 510 days with her and rejoice for the eternal hope of seeing her again in your glorious kingdom. Amen.

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